Two new dedicated Teams for ChateauShares Owners-Club : Marketing/T + Ownership/T


ChateauShares, as an brand Owned and created by FXP Concept Group, benefits for its membres from the best options and services the Group can Internationally bring.

- BuildTogether Monaco has been entilted for Marketing regarding its high- performance softwares and international-platforms visibilities, helping to manage the Global Public along the process.
- the second Team based in Switzerland and France, will take the lead to make in-person reservations and help membres with the platform use, though Le Rosaire Hotel-Spa-Resort reception, also as Chateau de Brescourt receptionists.


When Art-Exhibitions take a Prestigious direction. Maude, our great example.

Lead by FXPco LP

FXP Concept Group started many years ago by a Marketing agency linked with an Art-Gallery, la Galerie 44, in Lillers, France. From that departure, you may easily understand that FXP CONCEPT GROUP has always been very sensitive to Art and its related links, but also able to market its skillful selected artist thoughthough the sales process.

MaudePhoto is our easy example to represent. We followed Maude in most of her exhibitions needs, organizing for her the Brochures, Identitiy and Media-files (MeRRRci-Imprimerie Graphists and Contents), incribing her to contests she had succesfully been finalist of (Time4vip Service), organizing her participation to fairs in Paris Grand Palais afetr she got selected by Jury, also as organizing presentations, people present on-site, duplication and transportation of the dedicated artworks.
This is all FXP Group is about : Centralizing like the dearest family-membre the whole package of what should be done, with a service to propose to every need of life, surrounded by nice people able to do the job.

Maude exhibits in 2022 at Caroussel du Louvre, 21-23 Octobre.


Chateau de Brécourt : awaiting to restart...

Château de Brescourt is slowly waiting for its rebirth to come. A lot of norms have to be processed and respected in order to receive public again. Investors, Owners and lawyers are actively settling the case for the last two years.

Project Management : Example of 'Le Rosaire' : 1600 hours on file !


Our Clients and Investors for Le Rosaire Alpine Spa Resort have decided to attatched to ChateauShares Owners-Club Services and already marketed and co-financed by Build Together Monaco.

This file has been a really important one for FXP CONCEPT GROUP over the two last years Summer 2019 to Summer2021, as it held us to 1'600 hours of representation (, calulations, management solutions, negociations, also as decoration tips and interior-design choices to propose (ET&F), also make and realize in 3D.
When the COVID lockdown-of-tourism happened, we had to be very creative, also did we propose the integration of 7 residences to sell, in order to bridge the budgets. Our graphists team (merrrci-imprimerie) worked hard on more than 280 pages of booklets, documentation and files for administrative purposes in order to bring up the project where it is now : ready to get started with all the good toos in-hand... We will be so glad when our Events Team will take the lead, to organize the Opening Party on a Carleston-Art-Deco Thematic, in 2023 ! It will be the biggest awaitened satisfaction for all the dedicated team membres, invested in this project with faith and glory from the first day.

Opening of a therapist practice in the heart of UNESCO heritage of Lavaux

François-Xavier 10 June 2012

In 2012, ten years ago, opened a therapist office in the Diamond of the Riviera Village. Coming there is already a therapy by itself, enhanced by the very efficient protocols of Etiopratique, emotionnal and personnal development therapies. Coaching is also available in several venues, like Fribourg (Rue des Epouses 5), Douains (Brescourt Wellness), Monaco ( Build Together Le Monte-Carlo Sun) and very Rennes-Bretagne (City Centre) from Octobre 2022.
Sidebar Bannerinspired by digital banks, our new identification software with random identification codes guarantees who we are working for/with. Your ID + this control are getting automatically checked and improve safety before loging-in to the projects sections.
Sidebar BannerOur new Mountain-lodge is getting cosy to receive ChateauShares Owners-club membres. in the valley of Mont-Blanc, swiss side, it is surrounded by many wild walks, 7 waterfals also as a natural pool between the stones, and a nordic bath onsite for hot water, heated bya wooden chemny.
Sidebar BannerTouristic Routes and Rallyes Management, by FXPco LP
(Rallye des MeRRRci, Rallye Osmose, Brescourt Elegance Show, Brecourt Sports and Classic Cars...)
Sidebar BannerMeRRRci-Crea created art-deco inspired visuals for the posters of