Think beyond Crisis,
get the best survivalist estates in Europe and Worldwide.

The owners club mutiplies your assets, and stabilizes your travel comfort. With its parallel internal currencies and exchanges based on human skills, it should pass easily over the global financial crisis.


In a post-Covid world economy in crisis, in the midst of war inflation in Ukraine, with a €uro zone overwhelmed by an exorbitant debt per capita, the dollar printing money is becoming more and more detached from the realities of the rest of the world. , bank accounts that do not correspond to the reality of available cash, and bank guarantees "at 100,000 €" (which according to specialists would be less than a fifth horrible in a real global system of re-insurances...) The economic world as we know it may soon be coming to an end and creating a tsunami of unparalleled consequences.

Faced with all these uncertainties, it is essential to have survivalist assets in your portfolio. Rights of use on the property, without debt, sealed by usufructs and tangible titles, which serve the family, the human being, and if necessary to live under a shelter, ideally pretty, without worry of rent, to maintain comfort similar to the pre-crisis. Hot water, gardens, rejuvenating landscapes, the use of spas, and of course healthy food, drinking water, independent mobility, and multiple personal services... everything that makes of our life a kind of earthly paradise.

Money is a useful means that we clearly know how to make profitable for our investors. But, ultimately, our real goal is not the accumulation of money, but the accumulation of goods in which harmonious living is possible. Our goal is Happiness, whether it is maintained after crises, whether individual or shared. Build Together Monaco and Chateau Shares Owners-Club International (Edinburgh, New York, Switzerland) have understood since their foundation the importance of bringing these securities to human beings, and the importance of working together. Because together, we are stronger and we get much further.

The common co-founder of the two companies has himself lived and always experienced, in several respects, all his life, a system of ultra freedom of movement, and freedom of time management. Living finance-freedom in a daily life made up of travel, luxury and first-class places, with as many benefits as freebies, all of this is what we are moving forward on your stage.

An unconventional approach, it is somewhat of a leftist philosophy exercised with expectations of comfort and capitalist luxury. A club of owners, rich and benevolent, rich in benevolence...

post - - Your INTERNATIONAL USUFRUIT until the age of 100 (CSP) - An easy INHERITANCE, with portability and distribution of rights to your chosen beneficiaries during your lifetime. - DIVISION OF EXPENSES of a family residence which you had inherited, kept - FREE WORLDWIDE ACCESS* to premium, soulful residences; of grandiose nature, cultural heritage, good urban locations or wellness resorts - SOCIAL AND SOLIDARITY ECONOMY, parallel local currency (the CS-Coin). Talents promoted, service balance. - PERMACULTURE et autonomie de nourriture progressive dans les Flagships ; accès à l'eau et énergies renouvelables - PENSION SUPPLEMENT offered to our members joining us after their 50th birthday, in the manner of a life annuity from the retirement age reached.

- FREE CARE for our members who would live beyond 100 years and by chance would still travel in our secondary residences.

You never pay rent as a member, but make an exchange in CS-Points (V_use), and participate in the charges relating to the residence occupied over the duration of your stay.)

Money is a useful medium, which we know how to make profitable for our investors. Triple assets in 20 years + retain real estate + receive residency privileges (butter and butter money) But is not our ultimate goal... Our goal is Happiness, individual and shared, beyond economic crises

Financing a survivalist package is a perspective of choice, which can be multiplied; always with high-flying profitability, which is definitely out of the ordinary.

postWe remain well anchored, again and again, at the heart of the modern capitalist economic system, which, it must be said, has some good points!

This system allows us to acquire second homes in wonderful or strategic places, within varied landscapes, and to employ people who contribute to the works and support the various trades that revolve around the final customer experience- member. So, yes, we are proud to use and make profitable the money for the benefit of anyone who accompanies us.

For example, on the basis of a fixed rate of 7% then 3.3% interest in addition to the operating results of the club's flagships and provisional memberships, an investment of 55 million in Equity< /strong> in the company ChateauShares of Zug in Switzerland (50% of the maximum shares available) will yield approximately 149 Million over 20 years , while retaining  61 real estate assets for long-term annuities.

If a major crisis were to occur, monetary assets would fall, but real estate assets would take the lift thanks to the integration of new properties from cornered non-members who will catch up by integrating their residence into the club. The On-boarders will thus multiply our assets in an absolute and global win-win: for investors, founders, and members of the Club.

The treatment of the ChateauShares Package in the form of an inter-bank Life Insurance is under study in Luxembourg private banks (already 7 exchange meetings to date on the subject in one of the Luxembourg offices. ..)

Informations : +41 78 404 31 92.

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We represent the asset that all the largest purely financial portfolios lack: the survivalist axis of long-term comfort. The post-economic axis.
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Freedom of travel, exclusive residences, majestic landscapes, Cocooning and Wellness residences.

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